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How to drive traffic to crypto offers and turn it into real money.
Reading time:5 minutes
How to drive traffic to crypto offers and turn it into real money.
Working approaches for crypto
Not every affiliate knows how to run traffic to crypto offers and do it profitably. This is also indicated by the results of the survey that we've done among our subscribers.
In this article, we've prepared our up-to-date crypto tips, which will help you break into a warmed-up vertical and catch a profit.

We've hustled out to prepare for you the most trending ad ideas and have tested them on the following offers:

[26115] Immediate Edge - 8 Countries

[30306] BitQT - MX, CL

[26257] Bitcoin Code - Smartlink - 58 Countries

[30331] Bitcoin Evolution - DE

[14070] Crypto Genius - IT

[26011] Bitcoin Code - German. - DE, CH, AT

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Examples of proven converting banners on which we tested crypto offers:
Main trends are crossing with other verticals: Crypto offers traditionally convert well on banners with the image of bills, luxury cars, expensive watches, and brand clothes. Plenty of clicks are brought from texts, with promises of the simplicity of income without sales and much effort, as well as stories of someone who got rich in a short period by pushing the offer.

But let's digress for a while from good old classics and focus on new trends which also can bring you a bump of conversions. Take new heroes, someone not trite: for example, millionaire women or characters from social groups without the possibility of large earnings - students, pensioners, etc.
What can you do to increase conversions on your crypto-offers?
— Use pictures of the local influencers like media celebrities. For example, find photos of news anchors or other famous people and post them on your pre-lander.

— You'll hardly find a GEO that hasn't been actively run for crypto-offers. Do not rush to get upset. Use this! Create a relevant annex - "The country is flooded with ads on how to earn money with crypto offers — is it possible? We'll check it!»

— News headlines about new heights and records of cryptocurrency rates also playing into the hands of a cunning affiliate: Use screenshots of boosting crypto rates and sign them with something like: "Bank owners are deadlocked!" Done! Now it's time to get your profit.

— You can always use approaches from other verticals: for example, tell a personal financial success story. But make sure that it is plausible enough. Bring a touch of realism, show the presence of difficulties and their successful overcoming. Create a miraculous story about someone who first lost everything and then gained millions.

Besides, igamingcombo has its creative department, which is always ready to help with translation and local adaptation of texts, fix your creative materials, and a special option for top affiliates — help with creation of full-fledged sales funnels!

Methods of Traffic driving
We recommend you to drive traffic from Push (with your pre-landing page) native networks, and SEO traffic, and of course from Facebook and Google. Last but certainly not least, we will issue an off-the-shelf app container, ready for pushing! Needless to say that our brilliant team of affiliate managers is at your full service, should you be interested to dig in a bit deeper.

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